Thursday, August 2, 2012

Final Thoughts

   Before taking this class, I knew how stressful making movies were. Through taking this class I have realized that no matter how stressed I become, as long as I am having a part in making a movie, I will be having fun on some level. I enjoy this process and truly believe that I have found my calling. I have never been so overworked and stress while still having a blast. From taking this class I have also learned what I need to work on. I need to work on technical knowledge when it comes to the character. I have a good sense of blocking, performance and overall vision, but my cinematography needs to reach that next level of professional appearance. Through watching my group members' work, I have seen the wonders that top-of-the-line lenses can do to a picture. There is no substitute for good glass when it comes to picture quality. I am truly excited to move forward in my learning experience and feel as if I am much better prepared for it through taking this class.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DPReel(Vim) from UA, Telecommunication and Film on Vimeo.

Camera EX3

  I had the opportunity to shoot with the EX3 at the amphitheater and really enjoyed the way it handled. I enjoy the focus and zoom ring as well as the aperture ring. All of them being immediately accessible as well as the way the camera handles color and motion made the EX3 the choice for me when it came to the scene assignment. I had trouble hooking up a shotgun mic to the camera but other than that minor hitch I found it wonderful to shoot with. The workflow is another story. The XDcam transfer was frustrated and I spent a good bit of time attempting to transcode the movie files. I understand that this has more to do with my lack of experience and less to do with the complexity of transcoding. That being said, I find the extra work that has to be put into transcoding slightly distracting and unnecessary.

Artist Statement

  I have just begun to develop my personal artistic style. What I do know is that I like to entertain, and I like to evoke suspense into the audience. I enjoy slow reveals, allowing to viewer's imagination to create the suspense and fear for itself. I am excited to see how my style grows once i gain a better understanding of the camera, editing software and the countless other tools I am learning to use. Once the technical side of these tools is second nature to me, I will be able to freely create without being hindered, and my true inner style will be able to shine. I know that I was my audience to be entertained. I know that I want them to be personally invested in the story that I am trying to tell. I also know that I like to let the actor's performances do much of the work, for I believe that sometimes the true emotion of an actors performance is lost when you try to do too much with the camera. Movements must be necessary and motivated every time. I enjoy warm colors over cool colors. Warm colors stimulate me visually for some reason, and reflections upon water are another effect that I have realized that I love. I enjoy action/suspense. I love high stakes in a scene, where a lot is riding on the decisions of the character. For this reason I think the position of director best fits me. I would always like to be talking with the actors about motivations and inner monologues, because I feel like I can be the most effective when working on that. I would be best in the position of director with someone who can relate to my vision as Director of Photography. 

WereYouExpectingMe(Vim) from UA, Telecommunication and Film on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Midterm Self-Reflection

    I have learned countless lessons thus far in TCF 312, but there are a few in particular that I think are the most valuable. First, from a director’s standpoint I have learned that finding a Director of Photography that can accurately depict your vision is vital in making your film. A DP must have the ability to view a scene in his mind and know how to manipulate shadows and colors to recreate that mental image. No matter how talented a Director of Photography is, the Director must go through extensive preparation to assure the intended vision is achieved. I never realized how much preparation is required before a shoot can start off on the right foot. Without the proper preparation, the story and intended message will be utterly lost, leaving a shell of a movie remaining. Shots that would normally be pleasant to view become distractions when they are not motivated by the story. In a properly executed film, each shot is not random or done for a cool effect, but each shot must be a message sent to the viewer by the director, translated by the Director of Photography. Prior to this class, I was beginning to understand how specific a Directors role is, but during this class I have realized how much pre-production is required of the Director.
    From a technical standpoint, one thing I have found extremely interesting and useful is the camera’s ability to capture motion in so many different ways. With different combinations of settings, the way something appears to move on screen can change drastically. I intend on becoming as familiar with the camera as I can possibly be so that I will never be hindered in achieving an intended vision because of technical ignorance. I have found that my strength as of now lies in Directing. I have a passion for acting and that offers me some insight into what the character should be feeling in the moment. I hope that through experience I can become a master of filmmaking, but that will not happen without a lot of hard work.